The basis of efficient implementation of complicated engineering projects is formed by stable and long-term relations
of NIPOM with reliable and qualified partners.

Exactly due to excellent reputation of the company successfully solving the set tasks trust to NIPOM is formed as it is a responsible performer of complicated engineering projects.

НReliability and quality of the performed work, safety and stability of the facility functioning has a first-priority meaning to us. The basis of efficient implementation of complicated engineering projects is formed by long-term partner relations with reliable and qualified partners and contractors.

Partner relations between NIPOM and Siemens have been successfully developing for more than eight years.

From 2011 NIPOM implements Solution Partner program on the module of Automation System SIMATIC. NIPOM was the first in Russia to implement at its enterprise the newest product in the sphere of power management – the basis of it is formed by B.Datа software complex (Siemens). This system enables to analyse and distribute expenses for energy consumption in accordance with the place and reason for their appearance, carry out forecasting of load and purchase of power resources. For implementation of the project in accordance with the results of 2012 NIPOM received Siemens award as a “Pilot Project”.

In 2016 NIPOM became official engineering partner of Siemens in automation and drive equipment in the following trends:

  • Automation systems SIMATIC
  • Electronic and commutation devices SIRIUS

Receipt of Regional Engineering Partner status is a continuation of the partnership development. In accordance with cooperation conditions NIPOM acts as a qualified supplier of ready-made solutions in the sphere of automation and drive technology. Authorization certificate proves the experience and competence in implementation of comprehensive projects, possibility of the company to offer to the customer an optimum technical solution.

NIPOM is a participant of Association of Project Management SOVNET – voluntary union of experts carrying out researches and developments in the sphere of project management, preparation, execution and management of projects in different fields of activity.

From February 1991 SOVNET is a national Russian member of International Association of Project Management – IPMA (Switzerland). NIPOM membership in the union of world level proves high professionalism of the company’s experts and the quality of project management corresponding to international standards.

Thanks to the possibility of experience exchange with leading Russian and foreign experts in different economy spheres NIPOM constantly develops and enhances practical methods and technologies in the sphere of project management.

Electrotechnical equipment plant is a partner of NIPOM in the sphere of the development, design, production and supply of high voltage instruments for power stations and substations for the voltage of 110-220 kV.

Solutions of the switchyard and closed switch gear circuits based on a compact module CM of a switchyard of 110 kV produced by ZETO are actively applied by NIPOM in the course of production of complete set closed substations CSCS– 110 (35) kV.

SVEL is one of key partners in the sphere of transformers delivery of a different design depending on peculiarities and requirements of a certain facility. The equipment corresponds to the highest world standards, is used at implementation of comprehensive projects of NIPOM in various industry fields.

Elektrobalt and NIPOM develop mutual cooperation on applications of the equipment produced by Elektrobalt for the voltage of 35-110 kV in the course of implementing comprehensive projects of NIPOM at facilities of Rosneft, Gazprom and Lenenergo Companies.