NIPOM is going to complete the construction of 35/0.4 kV substations at 3 of the 12 sites of Tambov Bacon in the possible shortest time

26 April 2018

NIPOM continues the construction of power supply facilities at 12 sites of Tambov Bacon LLC (Rusagro Group).

The planned installation and mounting of the substation on the foundation, and combining of 4 block-boxes into a single block was started after the successful acceptance and delivery of a ready-to-operate transformer substation in a metal shell with a diesel power station (BKTPM 1000 35/0.4 kV) to the facility of Sayukinsky-2 Commercial Sow Farm of the Znamensky district, the Tambov Region. The following work is going to be completed at this facility as soon as possible: installation of butt external and internal weather strips, roofing elements, lightning protection, interblock cable connections, etc.

Now, NIPOM is completing Stage 3 of construction of 35/0.4 kV substations at the site of Marievsky-2 Commercial Sow Farm and Lypovsky-2 Commercial Sow Farm.

Along with the work performed simultaneously at five sites, plants of NIPOM manufacture substations and get them ready for the supply to other seven power supply facilities under construction of Tambov Bacon.

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