On unique solutions: NIPOM at the international oil and gas exhibition

23 April 2018

On April 16 to 19, NIPOM successfully presented its present-day solutions and cutting-edge developments at the Neftegaz-2018 Exhibition, which is the leading show of the achievements at the world oil and gas complex (Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds).

The solutions of NIPOM presented at the exhibition were favorably perceived and evoked a sustained interest among representatives of oil and gas companies, generating companies and industrial facilities, drew close attention of our partners and competitors. The visitors of the exposition got technical and process consultations from NIPOM specialists, got acquainted in detail with broad opportunities of the Company. The meetings held confirmed steady demand for the latest developments of NIPOM; long-term agreements were reached for a number of projects.

NIPOM is constantly improving and adapting its products according to modern requirements and trends, including the import substitution program, and applying its developed unique unparalleled solutions.

  • Due to the multi-brand construct, the cubicle switchboard (KRU-6(10) kV) is universal and adaptable to any customer requirements, easy to install and operate. The displayed sample feature is that it consists of domestic components by 93% that corresponds in full to the program of import substitution in the oil and gas industry. Many visitors to the exposition of NIPOM expressed their interest in this product.

  • The exhibition sample of the low-voltage complete device (NKU-0.4 kV) was presented on the basis of a combined construct, which allowed us to show the possibility to use simultaneously both pull-out units and fixed units of switching equipment. LVCDs made by NIPOM are super universal in terms of the use of components; for example, components of various manufacturers, such as ABB, Siemens, Schneider, LSIS, KEAZ, Eaton, and Hyundai were used in the exhibition sample. The LVCDs were equipped with a MADIO-HT proprietary analog and discrete I/O module. The visitors paid special attention to the installed contact connection temperature monitoring system, which data were displayed on the visualization panel.

  • A modular-type 220 VAC 6 kW uninterruptible power supply unit (UPS) (enabling hot replacement of rectifier modules and inverter modules) that was displayed at the exhibition for the first time received excellent feedback as it has the mutual change-over design according to requirements of customers of the oil and gas segment.

The participation of NIPOM in international exhibitions and conferences allows us to form a vector of the Company’s development and of the development of products manufacturing, which would be aligned with current objectives of our customers, identifying prospects and priority areas for our cooperation with customers and partners, as well sharing our achievements and innovations with other market participants.

We thank all the visitors for their interest in our Company. We are open to partnership and fruitful cooperation, which will help to increase the stability of the oil and gas industry and ensure energy-efficient and uninterrupted power supply!

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