Participation of NIPOM in the 6th Russian International Energy Forum

7 June 2018

NIPOM took part in the 6th Russian International Energy Forum (RIEF) held in Saint Petersburg on April 25 to 27, 2018. This year, the RIEF, one of the key business events in the fuel and energy sector, has attracted more than 250 exhibitors, 2500 delegates and 8500 visitors from 21 regions of Russia and 17 countries all over the world.

The forum was a global platform for dialog between the authorities and businesses, industry corporations, science and production, investors and developers. The congress program of the RIEF brought together more than 30 events: plenary meetings, conferences, roundtables on the most topical issues, from thermal engineering and upgrading of equipment to import substitution and energy efficiency.

NIPOM took an active part in the forum. Deputy General Director Sergey Vasilyevich Golubev took the floor at Energy Supply and Efficiency, the First International Conference, to deliver the report "Renewable Energy Sources in the Gas Industry".

Since 2014, NIPOM has been actively creating packaged power installations and power complexes based on RES, alternative and conventional energy sources.

In his report, Sergey Golubev presented the main modifications implemented by NIPOM in batch production, emphasized advantages, relevance and prospects for use of the RES-based power installations and power complexes in the gas industry.

For more information on the products, see:

In addition, another report "Smart Power Supply System for Local Facilities – Modern Solutions to Improve the Efficiency of Energy Supply Systems of UGSS Facilities" was presented to the guests of the conference.

The smart system is used to create modern highly efficient power supply systems for the facilities. The engineering solutions are easily adaptable to the conditions of almost any local facility. The main advantages of the smart system can be the following:

  • integration of all energy sources into a single system that maintains the optimal mode of power supply;
  • increased efficiency of use of backup and emergency power sources;
  • increased efficiency of use of fuel and energy resources due to optimized modes of energy consumption and use of RES;
  • decrease of penalties in case of energy supply from external energy supply organizations due to a highly efficient planning;
  • improved reliability of the operation of power, heat and water supply systems;
  • improved quality of operational management and protection from personnel’s improper actions.

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