The team of NIPOM won in the mini-football tournament dedicated to the City Day of Nizhny Novgorod

20 June 2018

On June 13-14, the team of NIPOM successfully played a series of matches in the mini-football tournament dedicated to the City Day of Nizhny Novgorod. The tournament was held among employees of companies and institutions of the Leninsky district. The organizer of the sports event was the Administration of the Leninsky District.

In total, 5 teams: JSC NIPOM, TEPLOOBMENNIK SC PDC, Nizhny Novgorod Industrial and Technological College and two teams of football fans took part in the tournament. After a hot contest, the team of NIPOM came to the final and won a confident victory with the score of 3:1 in the final match.

We thank all the players of the NIPOM team for the bright and captivating game, and the fans for their passionate support! We expect new achievements and victories!

The team of NIPOM includes:
Yu.S. Roslov, head of the Technical and Economic Department;
E.N. Gadaev, foreman of the Electrical Area;
I.L. Demidov, head of the DRP project;
A.A. Lazarev, coordinator of the DRP project;
A.N. Kroshechkin, IT administrator;
D.A. Zakharov, job foreman of the bending team;
S.F. Anoshkin, senior engineer of the UNI;
A.E. Gladyshev, fitter of mechanical assembly operations;
D.P. Moseev, toolmaker;
A.V. Gusev, wireman-circuit installer;
D.V. Naymushin, operator of self-contained power supply lines.

The development and support of sport is one of the main components of the company's social work. NIPOM actively supports sport and physical culture organizations in the city of Dzerzhinsk and the region. The main goals are to promote healthy lifestyles, keep sport traditions, increase camaraderie and strengthen the corporate spirit of the Company's employees.

In 2016, NIPOM took part in the construction of a significant facility, the Stadium RP-121 10 kV distribution station energizing directly the main football arena of Nizhny Novgorod as a part of preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

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