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Reconstruction of a 6/0.4 kV transformer substation, construction of Russia’s first 6/0.95/0.4 kV innovation network in Bogorodsk

NIPOM was the primary contractor involved in the creation of Russia’s first innovative electric network using elements of “smart” electric grids and individual transformer substations. This project was developed and designed by IDGC RDEC JSC, implemented by “IDGC of Center and Volga Region” PJSC – Nizhnovenergo in Bogorodsk, Nizhny Novgorod region.

Long-standing partnerships connect NIPOM with the branch of Nizhnovenergo – “IDGC of Center and Volga Region” PJSC. Confidence and many years of fruitful cooperation were the basis for the selection of the primary contractor. NIPOM has successfully completed the complex turnkey project due to many years of its experience in innovative solutions combined with its modern control technology.

Costs for the development of the distribution network through the construction of a combined 6/0.95/0.4 kV network are 30% lower than the costs of building a new 6/0.4 kV complete transformer substation

Description of the Project

The project of building a combined 6/ 0.95/0.4 kV network involved:

  • replacement of the outdated 6/0.4 kV indoor transformer substation with a modular complete transformer substation in concrete casing (MCTSCC) from NIPOM with a 6/0.95/0.4 kV three-winding voltage transformer;
  • re-laying all the existing cable transmission lines from the old 6 kV indoor transformer substation to the 6 kV switchgear of the MCTSCC;
  • installation of cable inserts to re-lay the existing 0.4 kV lines at the MCTSCC;
  • reconstruction of the existing 0.4 kV line with replacement for a 0.4-0.95 kV aerial cable line using individual 0.95 (0.55)/0.4 (0.22) kV 25 kVA transformer substations (ITS) with switching equipment in the 0.95 kV line. ITS are mounted on poles installed at the consumers’ locations (1 ITS per 3 individual houses);
  • suspension of wires and street lighting fixtures on suspension towers along the lines (wires (STS-2) and wires of street lighting were hung together);
  • organization of electricity metering with automatic transfer of data from individual electricity meters.

The project of electricity metering was designed by specialists of NIPOM according to the customer’s wishes and efforts to support import substitution and cost-cutting. This system enables:

  • accurate measurement of the amount of energy supplied to consumers;
  • automated collection of measurement data;
  • to limit or to trip a load;
  • measurement data collection, processing, storage, transfer across the necessary levels of the system hierarchy;
  • accurate, reliable, common astronomical time referenced information on energy consumption, which is collected by the metering system for all parties;
  • implementation of a multi-tariff function;
  • to detect electricity thefts.


This power supply arrangement enables:

  • proper power quality with the line from the complete transformer substation to the consumer that is 2.5 times greater than when 0.23 kV power is transmitted;
  • reduction of energy losses by more than 6 times;
  • increase in the effective length of the feeder with increase in the number of consumers and the electrical load from this feeder;
  • easy adaptation to increase in the load at consumers’ location;
  • decrease of commercial losses through minimizing the possibility of unauthorized connections;
  • reducing construction costs by laying 0.4 and 0.95 kV networks using the same suspension towers with aerial bundled cables
  • reduced operating costs, implementation of the multi-tariff function through the introduction of metering and control systems.

Increase in the allowed length of a transmission line makes it possible to avoid construction of additional complete transformer substations to support the necessary quality of electricity at the consumer’s location. Costs for the development of the distribution network through the construction of a combined 6/0.95/0.4 kV network are 30% lower than the costs of building a new 6/0.4 kV complete transformer substation. Thus, a 6/0.95/0.4/0.23 kV network enables reliable, high-quality supply of electricity to consumers at a reasonable cost of construction.

Rosseti PJSC, “IRDGC of Center and Volga Region” PJSC, a branch of Nizhnovenergo

Russia, Nizhny Novgorod region, Bogorodsk

Electricity reception and distribution