NIPOM offers the development of high efficiency solutions, rendering of full complex of services in the sphere
of design and construction of power facilities of any complexity and profile.

Following modern trends and requirements of customers, NIPOM company opened up a new trend of its activity – engineering in the sphere of power supply and automation. Our customers are interested in the efficient and optimum solution of its tasks, and NIPOM being the expert in its industry is ready to offer several variants of solving the customer’s task, to choose and manufacture the equipment satisfying the customer’s needs, collect it in a single, and the most important thing – in a working and plant-tested system, to carry out high quality construction and installation, as well as launch and adjustment works, to train the operators, as well as to provide the set of necessary documents etc.

Basic advantages of engineering are economy of time and financial expenditures of the customer. Besides that, the customer in this case deals with one responsible person and not with several contractors.

When implementing comprehensive projects, NIPOM engineering company provides a large range of services at all stages of the project.

  • engineering and consulting services;
  • comprehensive projects management;
  • design of power supply facilities with the voltage of up to 220 kv inclusively;
  • comprehensive delivery of the equipment;
  • development and implementation of automated management systems;
  • installation and launch, maintenance work and services.

engineering and consulting services

ИNIPOM engineering company provides engineering and consulting services at all the project stages:

  • risk assessment for financial and investment projects;
  • feasibility studies of projects;
  • audit of management decisions;
  • audit of the production system;
  • Power supervision of the facility (power audit) including:
    • Discovery of non-efficient use of power resources;
    • Determining power saving potential;
    • Development of certain energy saving measures with the provision of terms of cost recovery and economic effect from the project implementation;
    • Development of investment offers for implementation of measures for the increase of power efficiency;
    • Development of power passport of the organization;
  • technical audit;
  • expert examination of design, detailed and estimate documentation;
  • a program for development of the business system

Since 2011, the International Kaizen Institute and the Kaizen Technology Center have been conducting the ongoing training aimed at developing the business system at the premises of NIPOM through the introduction of the KAIZEN-Management. The program aimed at training world leaders in consulting services to optimize production processes makes it possible to get acquainted in details with the introduction of advanced technologies on the example of NIPOM’s industrial complexes.

  • Consultations concerning use and maintenance of the power equipment:

    • Conducting workshops, conferences, meetings based on production complexes for management, experts of design organizations and power services of enterprises;
    • Conducting 2 – 3 daily consultations on the use and servicing of the equipment, basic task of which is getting familiar with products of NIPOM company, peculiarities of their application, installation and use under real conditions of the customer.

comprehensive projects management

For reduction of time and financial expenses of the customer in the course of coordination of subcontractors and interaction with them NIPOM Engineering Company carries out coordination of the whole process starting from the project agreement and ending with launching the facility:

  • A complex of expert, check and control procedures including technical and economical reasoning of the projects, risk evaluation etc.;
  • Development, approval and control of performance of the project implementation schedule;
  • Development of authorization and pre-project documentation, including the development of technical requirements for design;
  • Undergoing expert studies, receipt of necessary agreements and authorizations;
  • Technical supervision;
  • Quality control of the performed work;
  • Control over compliance with the requirements of surveillance authorities;
  • Organization of testing and launch and adjustment works;
  • Commissioning of the facility.

For successful implementation of the projects within the terms agreed with the customer and in accordance with the cost and quality, the system of project management is implemented and tracing out of the course of work performance. The planning system is built in the system of electronic document flow of the whole enterprise (EDFS (Electronic Document Flow System). At that, it is realized not at file level (the project file is one of the types of electronic document flow) but at the level of interaction of software systems. Thus, in the process of project management EDFS interacting with the planning system carries out the issue of tasks to performers and acceptance of data from them concerning the course of performance.

Such union of two systems gives the following advantages: use of powerful means of calendar and, which is more important, resource planning, saving of single work space with all electronic documents circulating in the company, use of the efficient means for management of tasks and control over their fulfilment.

High-quality experts having extensive experience in the project management and certified with CPMA IPMА constantly improve the system of project management.

NIPOM is a corporate member of Russian Association of Project Management SOVNET. It allows for receiving information support from the professionals and contributes to professional career growth and expansion of the circle of business and professional contacts of the enterprise’s company experts.
At present the company is being prepared for certification under IPMA Delta® programme.

design of power supply facilities with the voltage of up to 220 kv inclusively

Innovative approach to design allows to work out unique project solutions adapted in accordance with the most complicated customer’s requirements:

  • Receipt of technical specifications for connection to power network;
  • Collection of reference data, drawing up of technical specifications with regard to the requirements of the customer, development of basic electrotechnical solutions;
  • Calculation of power modes of the designed facility and the adjacent network, calculation of short circuit currents;
  • Development and choice of power equipment for the projects of any complexity with regard to adaptation to the customer’s conditions;
  • Comprehensive design of substations with the voltage from 0.4 to 220 kV;
  • Design and power supply to industrial and civil facilities;
  • Design of the systems of relay protection, regime and anti-accident automation systems;
  • Design of automated information and measuring system of commercial accounting of power supply and power rating (AIMS CAPS), corresponding to the requirements of wholesale electricity market, telemetry systems (TS);
  • Design of automated systems of managing technological processes of substations (ASM TP);
  • Development of estimate documents, projects of construction organization and dismantling;
  • Agreement and expert studies: agreement of the project in controlling bodies and organizations, receipt of necessary authorizations and accompanying of expert studies of the project documents.

The company actively masters modern software products, including 3D design and SAPR. The company’s experts smoothly transfer from the design concept to the configuration concept.

comprehensive delivery of the equipment

NIPOM Engineering Company provides for comprehensive delivery of the equipment necessary for construction, reconstruction and modernization of the facility of power supply and automation.
Within the framework of the comprehensive delivery the experts are ready to offer various variants of component sets of electrotechnical equipment in accordance with the customer’s requirements:

  • Electrotechnical equipment produced by leading domestic and foreign manufacturers;
  • Electrotechnical equipment of own development and production.

The Company has its own production facilities and more than 15 years of experience in delivery of electrotechnical equipment to various industries. More than 2,000 units of the equipment were supplied, mounted and adjusted by the experts of NIPOM in Russia and near-abroad. At present two plants of NIPIOM Company produce the products with the voltage up to 220 kV. All the equipment undergoes acceptance and handover testing in accordance with GOST RF requirements and the customer’s requirements. Delivery of the equipment is accompanied by its mounting, launch and installation works, as well as service maintenance.

Electric Equipment Plant Modular Equipment Plant

development and implementation of automated management systems

The competitive ability of the enterprises is influenced by many factors including, inter alia, the level of automation. The higher the level is, the less is the dependence on human factor, and this, in its turn, leads to the increase of the quality of the manufactured products. For reduction of expenses for production and reduction of the influence of “human” factor NIPOM comprehensively implements automation systems of management. Comprehensive implementation of AMS includes:

  • Development of technical solutions and technical and economical reasoning of the automation systems implementation;
  • Design of the systems;
  • Working-out of schematic solutions and software;
  • Creation of automation systems with the use of equipment of leading world manufacturers;
  • High-quality technical support.

installation and launch, maintenance work and services

NIPOM carries out a complex of construction and installation, as well as maintenance works:

  • Installation and launch works;

Use of advanced technologies and modern equipment, carrying out works in compliance with all norms and rules of safety allows for meeting all the customer’s requirements and conditions of the facility construction.

  • Electric installation and launch works including the check, adjustments and testing of the equipment for the purpose of provision for its design parameters and modes;
  • Service maintenance;
  • Warranty service.

High quality brigades of NIPOM carry out all types of work providing for prompt response to the customer’s requirements, as well as stable high quality of services alongside with strict compliance with terms. Warranty period of the equipment use comprises from 2 years and more (depending on the equipment type). The company’s reputation, quality of the produced equipment and the rendered services is the highest priority of NIPOM Company.